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Boost your marketing with live video

January 2018, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced changes that would affect business users of the platform: Facebook would strongly prioritize news feed posts from users’ friends and family. Page content – the type typically posted by businesses – would take yet another major hit to its visibility.

There was good news in this announcement, however. Zuckerberg specifically called out live video as high-engagement content: in other words, the type of content the new algorithm would be designed to promote.

If you are like other page owners, who have been wondering what will happen to your Facebook visibility, don't fret. Make some headway against the changes by trying out these ideas for Facebook Live videos.

Facebook Live

Facebook Live videos have a high time limit – four hours – so they’re ideal for longer-form live content. Tip: set up a Facebook event or even run a hyper-targeted Facebook ad to let everyone know about your upcoming Live video. This will help increase your live audience and drive traffic to your news feed post.

Virtual open house

This probably isn't a new idea to most of you, but it’s still a solid choice. This is especially true if you’re trying to reach out-of-town buyers. You don’t have to be the only one doing the talking. Host the Live video during a open house and interact with visitors. If you get them to share what they like best about the home, you’ll build powerful social testimony for the listing.

Community events

Festivals and other events can be a great way to capture the vibe of a community. If you want to follow this path, you’ll need to put on your reporter’s hat. Keep in mind that vendors or performers may be very busy the day of the event and may not take kindly to an ambush-style interview. Consider contacting them in advance to ask when would be a convenient time to get them on camera. Also, be aware that you may need to get permission from the organizers to broadcast video from the event.

How-to videos

These can be a successful way to keep in touch with previous clients in between transactions. Consider partnering with local experts like plumbers, electricians, gardeners, and contractors – to host videos on home ownership DIY's. To boost engagement, choose seasonally relevant topics, like a video on building a raised bed in May, or one on insulating pipes in November .

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